Industries: High Technology

In the high technology industries, Cedar Point Consulting serves small and large clients alike by assisting with business strategy, product development, marketing strategy and strategic initiatives of both key technology products and services. Our consultants have served companies like Hewlett Packard, Path Technologies, CheckFree, Intrev and Computer Associates in product development, business planning, strategic initiatives and digital marketing, including:

  • Marketing Strategy. Leading product positioning and pricing analysis efforts for web-based software products that resulted in a 28% increase in revenue and a 40% increase in net profits in under six months.
  • Strategic Initiatives. Leading the delivery of software and hardware infrastructure to support 250,000 users across five continents.
  • Marketing Strategy Developing and implementing an online marketing campaign that increased product sales by 35% for a large high tech business during one fiscal year.
  • Strategic Initiatives. Authoring and revising business continuity plans (BCP) and disaster recovery plans (DRP) for corporate offices and large-scale data centers for a global high technology company.
  • IT Strategy. Authoring and customizing software development and project management methodologies to accommodate small and large projects using both iterative and waterfall approaches.
  • Business Strategy. Develop and deliver the strategic plan for an innovative middleware product, serving as executive leadership through product launch.
  • Marketing Strategy. Research, identify and author the plan to launch specialized services for advertising agencies.
  • Turnarounds and Recoveries. Recovering an over-budget product development effort by changing development approach and actively monitoring team progress, resulting in on-time, on-budget delivery.
  • Strategic Initiatives. Leading the integration of electronic payments software with payments processing networks and intermediate payments gateways, reducing per-transaction costs by up to 75%.

Our experience and knowledge in the software and information technology industry gives us the ability to quickly identify areas for improvement and to succeed where other organizations have failed. To learn more about our capabilities in the technology industry, contact Cedar Point Consulting.