Industries: Government and Non-Profits

At Cedar Point Consulting, we believe that the future success of our country demands that the best in knowledge, experience and advice should benefit government and non-profit as well as the private sector. That’s why we provide coaching, strategy and execution services to federal, state and local government agencies and non-profit organizations in addition to our non-profit clients.

Our consultants have led government and non-profit engagements that have included:

  • Business Strategy. Authored more than three dozen business plans/business cases for a well-respected non-profit.
  • Marketing Strategy. Conducted a national/multi-city marketing and education effort that launched a new software product for a government agency.
  • Execution. Wrote proposals for clients to solicit government contracts, successfully winning 75%+.
  • Led a Strategic Initiative to implement Agile and Lean software development practices in a prominent federal government agency.
  • Strategic Planning. Led the effort to select and track performance metrics for strategic, operational and tactical goals for a large government agency.
  • Marketing Strategy. Developed and implemented a program to refer exporters to private lenders capable of supporting their financing needs.
  • Strategic Initiatives. Revised application processing procedures for a government agency to reduce costs and turnaround time by 75%.
  • Provided Agile Coaching to support the adoption of Agile throughout a federal government agency.
  • Strategic Initiatives. Enabled better oversight for a quasi-government entity by adding audit, history and third-party review capabilities to an online trading system.

Cedar Point Consulting would be proud to serve your government or non-profit organization, as well. To inquire about how we can help you to succeed, contact Cedar Point Consulting.