Project Recovery Success Stories

Through our Five-Step Rapid Project Recovery Process, Cedar Point Consultants have achieved a great deal of success in recovering troubled projects, spanning multiple industries and functional areas.   We quickly evaluate your project’s current state and help you to make the best decision about how to move forward — in as little as two weeks.

While your situation may differ and results can not be guaranteed, Cedar Point consultants have delivered these Rapid Project Recovery success stories:

Green Check Mark For a heavy manufacturer, a troubled multi-year, multi-million dollar product engineering and manufacturing project was recovered and the project was delivered two months early and $300,000 under budget.
Green Check Mark For a large financial institution, a trend of late project deliveries was reversed by a Cedar Point consultant, resulting in three consecutive on-time deliveries in a one year period.
Green Check Mark For a large U.S. Federal agency, a $1.25 million troubled project was recovered and successfully delivered after nearly a year of little results under prior leadership.
Green Check Mark For a small financial services firm, a troubled $600,000 strategic project was recovered and completed in eight months, after over two years of prior failed attempts.
Green Check Mark For a regional legal services company, an enterprise-wide IT overhaul project was recovered and then delivered in under six months.

To learn more about our rapid project recovery services, contact us by clicking here or call 1-866-CEDAR-34. You can also read “7 Ways to Identify Troubled Projects” and “9 Tips to Recover Troubled Projects” both written by one of our consultants.