Business Coaching

Ever notice how difficult it is to correct your golf swing on your own?

Most of us rely on our local golf pro to help us improve our swing. So, why wouldn’t you rely on a business coach to help you improve your game at the office?

With over fifty years of combined experience in business, marketing and technology, Cedar Point Consulting can help you to improve you and your organization’s performance at all stages of growth. Led by former AT&T and Citibank executive Dan Moore, we assist executives and senior management by:

  • Aiding in crafting your business mission, vision and strategy.
  • Supporting the development of marketing and technology strategy.
  • Cultivating leadership in younger managers and executives.
  • Assisting senior management in goal-setting and performance measurement.
  • Helping with creative problem-solving so you achieve your strategic goals.
  • Assisting executives in identifying best practices to help them and their organization excel.

So, end the frustration of trying to solve problems that you’re too close to see.  Contact us to learn more about our business coaching services and we’ll help you work out the kinks and reach peak success.