Business Strategy
Lean Strategy
IT Strategy
Marketing Strategy

At its core, effective business and strategic planning are both art and science, requiring a combination of solid research, creativity, good decision-making, and effective communication.  At Cedar Point Consulting, we don’t deliver boilerplate plans, we learn about your business and articulate your vision so that investors and key stakeholders not only see the promise in your vision, they also see realistic financial projections and solid research that supports your future success.

Our strategy practice area supports you in these key areas:

  • Business Strategy, including business plan development, business plan review, business plan presentations and proposal development
  • Lean Strategy, our lightweight approach to quickly develop and execute your business strategy.
  • Marketing Strategy, including market research, brand and product positioning, marketing campaign planning, and marketing performance measurement
  • IT Strategy, including IT strategic planning, roadmapping, technology/tool selection and vendor evaluation and selection

To learn more about each, click on the heading above, or contact us and inquire about our Strategy practice area.